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Tuesday 8/30/2016
1500 taxis in Karaj will be equipped with electronic payment system
The head of the Karaj Municipality Freight and Passenger Transportation Organization said: 15 new buses will enter the bus lines of this metropolis by the end of the week.
Mohammad Yasavoli stated: The electronic taxi fare payment plan is being seriously pursued and soon will be equipped 1500 taxis with this system as a pilot
He explained: " one of the benefits of this project is Solving the problem of change and increasing the health of the driver and passenger ." Referring to the development of the Karaj bus fleet, Yasavoli added: “will be added to the city's bus lines, 15 new buses until the end of this week” .The official said:” that these buses will be injected into the busy lines of the city in order to reduce the waiting time for passengers and provide services to the citizens more quickly.

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Tuesday 8/30/2016
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