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Tuesday 8/30/2016
Measures taken by Karaj Municipality regarding the prevention and control of coronavirus:
Measures taken by Karaj Municipality regarding the prevention and control of coronavirus:

1- Be ready for all the units of Karaj Municipality, including the Deputy of Urban Services, the Fire Department, the Hermitages Organization, the Waste Management Organization, the Prevention  Management, the Taxi and Bus Organization, the Urban Jobs Organization, etc.
2- Preparing and sending communication protocols and guidelines for countering and monitoring the corona virus from Corona management headquarters to municipal organizations and regions.

3- Disinfection of markets and shopping centers in the city continuously and continuously.

4- Accommodation of medical personnel in some markets.
5- Establishment of a suitable place for disposable gloves and disinfectants for the clients in the temporary supply places of Nowruz fruit.
6- Disinfection of markets and shopping centers in the city continuously and continuously

7- Disinfecting the temporary supply stations of Nowruz on a daily basis

8- Closing press kiosks in the city

9- Installation of banners and educational billboards in the city

10- Disinfection of children's play equipment, sports equipment, chairs of all parks and parks in the city with an area of ​​3540703 square meters in 250 parks on a daily basis.
11- Setting up a service desk and answering to the clients without referring them to the units and circles of the building and reducing the response time.

12- Washing and disinfecting public health services 4 times a day. 

13- Blocking the parks from 1/8/99 and preventing the citizens from entering the parks .

14- Banners for information and training on coronavirus prevention in the city.

15- Printing and installing information posters about health and essential cases of corona prevention in Golshahr and Mohammad Shahr and Ferdis metro stations.

16. - Daily broadcast of educational clips and ways to prevent corona on 4 urban TV sets, 4000 times a day.

17- Screening of a video related to training and prevention of coronary heart disease in subway trains.

18- Creating a campaign and scanning # what-news-health, with the aim of teaching ways to prevent coronavirus and also creating a calm atmosphere in the city environment by visiting 1,260,000 people.

19- Production of content and maximum publication in cyberspace and daily visits of more than 50 thousand people in virtual networks.
20- Production of teasers and messages in the virtual space of Telegram, Instagram and popular channels on a daily basis with very appropriate feedback.
21- Production of content with the aim of all sections of society, especially children

22- Sending daily text messages with the content of prevention and observing the necessary points to the personnel of the municipality and respected citizens in 10 areas of Karaj city in order to prevent corona (thirty-five thousand telephone numbers) in the first step.

23. Planning to create a scan containing citizenship messages and training not to travel at home.
24. Planning to create the right leisure time and improve the conditions in people's homes

25- Preparing the Nowruz clip "We will stay at home" with the participation of Alborz Artists' House with the presence of prominent Alborz artists
26. Screenwriting competition from idea to production to improve and increase the attractiveness of citizens' leisure time at home

27. Set up free telephone and online counseling.
28. Exercise at home

29. Launch a movement to support the elderly

30-Hamed Ahangi's laughter concert

31-Holding the Mid-Shaban celebration

32- Preparing and installing 10,000 educational posters in municipal organizations and regions

33- Printing 50,000 educational brochures and distributing them to all hospitals, medical centers, districts, municipal organizations and various organs.
34. Distribution of pamphlets and educational brochures in the ten districts of Karaj Municipality, organizations and taxis and city buses, governorate, governorate, as well as coverage of all city hospitals, medical centers, mosques and various organs.

35- Information banner on the prevention of corona disease in more than 130 busy points of the city in two stages

36- Providing transportation and disposal services for corpses according to the notification protocol of the Ministry of Health

37- Following up and addressing the requests and messages of the citizens through the 137 system.
38. Disinfection of municipal and hospital waste trucks

39. Distribution of gloves and masks among the servants of God continuously

40- Disinfection of the grounds and buildings of the administrative subdivision of the municipality and various departments of Karaj city

41. Disinfection of mosques and places of pilgrimage in the city

42-Disinfection of the main thoroughfares of the city by the deputy of municipal services of the regions.
43- Establishment of teams stationed in 11 entrance stations of Karaj city to control the traffic of non-native vehicles and daily delivery of 1575 food and beverages to the stationed stations.

44- Establishing a trailer unit to mix javelin water

45- Notification by the fire truck fleet to prevent unauthorized vehicles in the city

46- Deployment of 29 vehicles entering the parks on April 4 and 5 to prevent the citizens from entering the parks and cutting the Corona transmission chain.

47. Disinfection of urban fleets (buses and taxi drivers)

48. Distribution of disinfectants to taxi drivers against coronavirus.

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Tuesday 8/30/2016
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