Monday, January 21, 2019   09:10:53
Smart city will provide sustainability in urban development: Municipality Supervisor
Karaj Municipality Supervisor asserted that sustainable urban development is one of the most fundamental issues which have been on top priorities for managers. He added that smart cities has a fundamental role in realizing urban development sustainability.

Mohammad Reza Ahmadi Nejad in an interview with KUMNS said that Karaj urban management endeavors to pave the way for electronic city and tries its best to build a future according to modern technologies.

Karaj Municipality Supervisor reiterated that smart transportation is one of the basis of smart cities and the urban management has endeavored to set the way for handling the traffic by establishing traffic control center and bus smart pay.

Mohammad Reza Ahmadi Nejad added that electronic city can lower transportation cost, increase investment and curb fossil fuels. Karaj deputy mayor also paid attention to the fact that decreasing citizens' time wastage, optimizing better service and lowering the pollution are some other advantageous of smart cities.

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