Monday, January 21, 2019   09:16:57
Construction regulations should be effective: Municipality Supervisor
Karaj Supervisor asserted that construction regulations should be preventive and added that those main and effective factors which play fundamental roles in decreasing rate of constructions must be identified and dealt with immediately.

Mr. Ahmadi Nejad in an interview with KUMNS pointed out to those apartment pre sales regulations are the one which were ratified some 5 years ago but weren't put into action. He added that this regulation was ratified in 2010 in order to prevent fraud, but unfortunately it wasn't enforced and criminals were able to bypass the law and sold one house to many owners and lead to other discrepancies.

Mr. Ahmadi Nejad said that ratifying one regulation on time may prevent crime and make a chance for building culture and development but in Iran there is a reverse action. First we witness the problems and when it goes out of hand, we try to pass laws for them.

Mr. Ahmadi Nejad once again highlighted the need for estate's technical ID and law enforcement for apartment's pre sales regulations.

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