Monday, May 28, 2018   09:55:05
Developing green space is an efficient way to tourism: Rezapour
Karaj municipality financial deputy said that green space development, constructional mega projects, recreational facilities and renewing urban furniture are some infrastructural activities done during last years to pave the way for tourism industries.
Mohammad Reza Rezapour in an interview with KUMNS said that one of the main pillars of urban management planning during recent years is developing green space and building more tourist hotspots.
Karaj financial deputy asserted that one of the most important agenda in urban management is preserving the environment and taking steps in decreasing air pollution for which Karaj has added more than 1 square meter to green space annually.
Rezapour added that Apple Tree revival and registering it as a national treasure and establishing 500 hectare Baghestan jungle are some indefatigable Karaj urban management activities which lead to reformation in city structure.
Rezapour reiterated that undoubtedly Karaj urban management need public participation in order to maximize tourist attraction and private sector capabilities.  

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