Wednesday, January 24, 2018   08:56:40
boosting infrastructures is the main focus in Karaj urban management: Mayor
Karaj mayor asserted that the urban management has done lots of projects in order to change the face of underprivileged districts and added that supplying public services and optimizing distressed areas are some projects which has been done during last four years.

Ali Torkashvand in an interview with KUMNS said that Karaj municipality and urban management have always paid attention to these matters and have many constructional projects to elevate the current situation of poor areas. 

Ali Torkashvand reiterated that practicing justice oriented look in Karaj urban management is highly significant and we believe that reaching sustainable development needs fair distribution of services.

Karaj mayor pointed to the fact that in order to develop Karaj the infrastructures should be developed according to well founded plans. 

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