Friday, April 20, 2018   11:07:32
Karaj municipality is pioneer in green area development: Mayor
Karaj mayor pointed to the fact that Karaj has always been active in developing green projects to protect the environment.
KUMNS reports that Mr. Ali Torkashvand paid visit to Baghestan resort area and said that building this resort area is an important step toward maintain Karaj as a garden city and added that this project is the fruit of Karaj urban management indefatigable efforts during this year.
Karaj mayor highlighted the fact that Baghestan resort area can have undeniable effect on curbing Karaj pollution and went on to say that since wind blows from north-west to west, this resort can collect and control dust. 
Karaj mayor has also said that resistant trees are planted in Baghestan resort area such as olive, almond and sea-buckthorn.

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