Wednesday, January 24, 2018   08:52:18
green space is one of the main elements in development: Mayor
Karaj mayor asserted that urban green space is so important that it is considered to be on of the main elements of development. He added that another effect of green space is boosting urban livability.

Ali Torkashvand in an interview with KUMNS said that since cities are getting expanded gradually, paying attention to pollution and citizens’ welfare should be prioritized. 

Karaj mayor reiterated that nowadays cities cannot be completed without  having sufficient green space and added that it can act as a medium for bring peace to the troubled life of city dwellers.

Ali Torkashvand pointed to the fact that urban management has put this issue at top of its agenda during last four years and endeavored to revive Mehrshahr Apple Tree and expand Baghestan Garden to bring fresh air to the city. 

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